MonsoonSIM Enterprise Resources Management Competition (MERMC) International Grand Final 2020  

Creator : Donald Lim | Last edited: 2021-Apr-09

Perth, Dec 30 -- Team Intisar Sanatama of Universitas Islam Indonesia (UII) has been crowned the champion of MonsoonSIM Enterprise Resource Management Competition (MERMC) Grand Final 2020, bagging a cash prize of SGD1,500 on Dec 19.

Team Intisar beat the other 9 finalists in the Champion League Round consisting of 2 games, one each on Dec 12 & 19 in this competition that was powered by MonsoonSIM, provider of Business Simulation and Experiential Learning Platform.

MonsoonSIM Enterprise Resources Management Competition is an annual inter-varsity competition hosted by MonsoonSIM and its partners. The competition is a high-energy event involving students and lecturers with the objective of exposing students to the concepts of Enterprise Resource Management (ERM). Through the fun and exciting simulation games, students experience managing virtual companies in real-time, and learn how 13 different business modules of MonsoonSIM platform – Finance, Production, Material Requirements Planning(MRP), Warehousing, Logistics, Forecasting, Procurement, Asset Maintenance, Retail, Wholesaling, e-Commerce, Marketing, Human Resources, and Customer Service – are integrated.

This year, as usual, students in teams of 5-player each were asked to run virtual companies to COMPETE with one another for the highest business KPI targets set for the games. The team with the best overall results from both Champion League Round games with a total score of 70% plus 6 judges' scores of 30% on the video presentation, would win the competition..

The Preliminary Rounds of the competition began in November when a total of 250 participants in 50 teams of 5-player each from the USA, Philippines, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and Australia -- were drawn into 5 groups with 10 teams in each group. The top two teams of each group, a total of 10 teams advanced to the Champion League Round in December.

After 2 rounds of fierce competition, the 10 qualifiers for the Champion League Round are as follows:  

The teams to watch in this Champion League Round of the competition were Intisar of UII and BioHaZarD of SUSS because their performances were solid in the Preliminary Round qualification. From the get-go in Game1 (35%), many carefully calculated and aggressive moves were seen over the 110 virtual days at 40 seconds per day setting. Observers can feel the intensity even in the early stages which saw the teams' scores swinging up and down. After the midpoint, both Intisar and BioHaZarD were neck and neck all the way until the finish line with BioHaZarD edging out Intisar and winning by a nose. Justneko, Shark, and NoDown were the next 3 best teams trailing by about 10 points heading into Game2 a week later.

In Game2 (35%), both Intisar and BioHaZarD again got off to a good start by showing the same consistency they had demonstrated in Game1. It was an all-out effort as both teams were determined to win using all the skills and strategies plus the best of teamwork they had learned from earlier practices. But after half way of the 110 virtual days at 40 seconds per day setting in this game, Intisar pulled away and never looked back after BioHaZarD made a couple of mistakes. However, BioHaZard managed to hang in there to secure the second spot when the time was up. As for the next best 3 teams in Game1 except for NoDown who failed to perform well in this game and got replaced by SuperPanda, both Justneko and Shark were able to hold their spots. Unfortunately, the teams who finished behind in Game1 just can’t make the breakthrough they needed in this game even though they fought hard.

After all the scores from both games (70%) including that of the judges (30%) were tabulated, the order of finish is shown in the table below with Champion Intisar receiving SGD1,500, 1st runner-up BioHaZarD/SGD1,000, 2nd runner-up Justneko/SGD6,00, 4th place Shark/SGD300, and the rest receiving SGD100 each.

Congratulations to the winners!

From the judges' scorecards, it's worth noting that NODOWN who ranked among the top 5 in Game1 but didn't do well in Game2, was the best performer of them all in the video presentation.

Two judges comments on NO DOWN:

All the competitors had put up a good fight in this competition regardless of the order of finish. I am sure MonsoonSIM Experiential Learning through simulation and gamification had helped them understand how ERP works and made them realize that there's more to MonsoonSIM than just GAME. When all was said and done for the day, we appreciated their participation. They all are winners and will remember this experience.


We thank Pak Willy Dharma, Executive Chairman of Yayasan Lions Club Indonesia whose primary focus is to help the Indonesian people to have better lives, for sponsoring ALL CASH PRIZES.

We thank the 6 judges --

1) Miss Elaine Liew, Co-Founder of GDEXA (Global Digital Excellence Association),

2) Prof. Mike Christie, Vice President Operations of Kaplan Singapore,  

3) Dr. Edwin Lim, Senior Lecturer and Teaching & Learning Innovation Coordinator Department of Accounting, Deakin University, Australia,

4) Dr. Trianggoro Wiradinata, Dean, School of Information Technology at Universitas Ciputra & Director of Apple Developer Academy, Indonesia,

5) Mr. Redmer Schukken, Chairman of Ice House, Indonesia, and

6) Alex Lam, Chief Financial Officer of Billion Bright HK Company Ltd.

-- for spending their precious time to not only help judge the competition but also give professional advices to competitors who will be in the workplace soon.

We thank MonsoonSIM President Mr. Abdy Taminsyah and his R&D team in Perth Australia for developing the best of Experiential Learning platform to benefit learners. We also want to thank them for the introduction of the MonsoonSIM Club ELO rating which is an indicator of achievement in students' resumes. With that, learners of MonsoonSIM can surely do better in their job interviews than their competitors without it.

We thank all the Certified Facilitators for coaching their students and preparing them for this competition.

Last but not least, we thank the MERMC 2020 organizing committee led by Mr. Didi Gunawan for putting their concerted effort into the competition and making it a success.

Stay Tune for MERMC 2021!

MERMC Grand Final 2020 is proudly brought to all universities by:

MonsoonSIM, provider of Business Simulation and Experiential Learning Platform.

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